Naruto Shippuden Episode 272

31 Jul
Naruto Shippuden Episode 272 | Watch Naruto Shippuden Episode 272 Online


Naruto Shippuden Episode 272 On another note, the anime takes a break this week as well because a one-hour special of Pokemon Best Wishes will be aired on June 14, thus overlapping the usual schedule where a new episode of Naruto Shippuden is released every Thursday 7:30 PM right after Pokemon Best Wishes. Well, it’s just a week. Kishimoto and Naruto are not going anywhere so noThere is something that I don’t understand about this wannabe war. I don’t really see the point of Kishi showing us the rest of the 7 Swordsman. I don’t know why he bothered with Gin Kin gay bros. In fact I don’t even see the point of showing us half of the dead characters in the manga. The way Kishi introduced them was cool and all but I feel that the manga has been terribly rushed and pushed beyond intentions. What is the point of showing them if you just killed them off-panel in the end? I hope Kishi has something up his sleeve, because this ending of the war just seems too rushed and easy, and he is known for adding in some amazing plot twists. I hope…
Sasuke: A playboy through and through, in expression and stance, in clothes and accessories.”

Naruto Shippuden Episode 272 “Hinata: A strong-minded Hinata with a wild temperament! Very sexy, she boldly displays her cleavage!” “Kakashi: With his eyes wide open and his fists trembling, a somewhat hot-blooded Kakashi sensei.” “Shikamaru: With his slovenly expression, he looks like he’s not thinking anything at all…” The Gai and Kakashi pic: “Gai: Unmotivated. Too indifferent. Cool.” “Kakashi: A left-right reversal of the eyes. Always sporting the sharingan. Gets exhausted easily. Reads serious books.”


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31 Jul

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